We Are Not Perfect!

So, I was wanting to write something more upbeat and happy. But, as of today I have honestly just been really down in depression. I don’t want to talk, work, or really do anything. Not even the things I felt so excited to do earlier when I was out and about. 

Life happens, I am not a perfect human, this world is just broken. But I have God and so do you who are reading this. I was going to post a video on how I am feeling However, I just can’t get myself to record it so I wanted to write it. Besides, writing is my strong suit. I hope this encourages someone out there!

Back in January, literally right when midnight hit I knew this year was going to be different, but I didn’t know how hard “different” would be. I just turned 18 last month and already it has brought even more change to my life. I would be lying if I said it was easy, because in all honesty, it is so far from “EASY”

So as I was saying, when January started I began to experience some depression which turned into the worst depression I have ever experienced, I mean, that was the first time I ever experienced it…. But, it was horrible, and it didn’t stop there. It lasted for 2 whole weeks, which if any of you follow my YouTube channel “Flowering Faith” you may have seen a video I posted about how I was feeling, that day was hard! God however told me to share, so I obeyed. It’s called:
“It’s Been A Struggle”

When the depression finally went away thanks to our amazing God, it came back off and on in the following months, and to be honest it has never fully left. 

I have been growing closer to the Lord in this hard season of a year, yet I always find it so hard to open my bible and take in the truth as the lies and depression come upon me. 

I bet you sometimes get that to, I know I am not alone, and yet sometimes I feel as though I am.

Since May I have been dealing with constant non stop health problems and on top of all that, anxiety, depression, and life! It has been so overwhelming and just weighing down on me.

I wanted to share all this with you because I want you to know that you are not alone! You have people around you, family, friends, church! But not only that, you have God! He has never and will never leave you. No matter how difficult your situation is, or how long you have been in a hard season. God sees you! He is providing for you, and He is using your situation for His glory, He has a purpose. Trust Him!

I don’t know who you are, but God does and He is with you through it all!

Hope you all are doing well, praying for you! 

God sees you friends
You are NOT alone


Published by Sydney Stars

Hello, my name is Sydney and I am a teen in high school. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, writing, art, photography and much more. I am a Christian and my favorite bible verse is Psalm 113:3 "From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised"

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